An engaging, coming-of-age story set in a small Alberta town struggling to come to grips with the aftermath of World War II. The people in Deep Creek are trying to get back to normal, but there is nothing normal about Nathalie Smythe’s life.
The youngest child in a family still torn apart by complications caused by war, Nathalie (Tally) talks to her dead relatives. When she discovers something that is “…not the kind of thing you can tell a granddad either, no matter how dead he is…” she confides in her ‘Dearest Diary’, her only constant friend. But when her friend Mary is accused of a crime she didn’t commit and is in danger of being sent to the Red Deer Provincial Training School for Mental Defectives, Tally is forced into action.
As small secrets beget larger secrets how can two intrepid children bring to light enough proof to convince adults the truth about what they have discovered?

“I read ‘Under the Maidenhair’… I know, I know it’s fiction, but I have met or know everyone in this book in my real life! Absolutely delightful read.” Marvia Valentine Hickli

“This book is simply wonderful! In intensity it is reminiscent of  To Kill a Mockingbird` and because of all the twists and turns in its many storylines, it will be glued to the reader’s hands till the wee hours.” Beverly McDougall

“If you still have some readers on your gift list, I heartily recommend this book. A very satisfying read!” Lacus Fisk

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European settlement of Western Canada was both rapid and dramatic. People came from all over the world to take advantage of cheap land ($10 for 160 acres/64.7 hectares). Women most often came with parents, or followed husbands and brothers. They traded extended family life in familiar landscapes imbued with ancient histories for life in an undeveloped country with few roads and rough, new communities full of people from diverse cultures, speaking dozens of different languages.

We know the stories of men who settled and developed the West, but of the women, except for a handful of rich and famous, we know little. They Came tells the heroic stories of 113 women who came to Western Canada from somewhere else between 1890 and 1950. Following each story is a recipe, something their children and grandchildren remember fondly.


For thousands of years, the Moon has inspired stories and legends about heroic animals, violent deities, and criminal humans. In modern times, those tales have been overshadowed by vampires and werewolves. It’s time for the Moon and her denizens to take back the night. Follow us down a twisting path of fantasy and science fiction.

Rediscover the magic of the Moon. From Mermaids that collect souls to lunar colonies on the brink of disaster, inside these pages you will find out which lunar gods still walk among us and what new breed of monster should keep you fearful of the night. Ride the Moon contains 19 speculative fiction tales that showcase the breadth of writing styles from around the globe.

“I personally enjoyed “The Dowser”, “Small Seven’s Secrets”, and, “Moonrise in Seven Hours” most, but I can guarantee that any fan of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, or Weird Fiction will find a great deal to like about this book. I look forward to more exciting publications from Tyche Books!” Seth Alcorn


Psychologist Carl Jung once suggested that an archetype will reappear in a new form to redress imbalances in society exactly when it is needed. Perhaps the Green Man is rising yet again just in time to help us cultivate a harmonious and sustainable relationship with Nature.

With an introduction by Charles de Lint Urban Green Man is a large anthology of urban and contemporary short literature; from an international cast of authors.

The mystical face of the Green Man can be found on churches and other buildings throughout northern Europe. It is believed that the Green Man mythology developed independently in various cultures and is a remnant of ancient pagan beliefs. The human face, hidden in the green foliage, shows a longing for the natural world and reminds us that we are dependent on a healthy planet not only for physical sustenance, but for mental health as well.


The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are coming. And four Archangels must find the perfect champions to save the world: fighters, warriors, soldiers, and brave men, all ready to fight for humanity against end times. All they have to do is drink a shooter — a caustic mix of alcohol and divinity that will imbue them with the conviction to battle the Four.

The only problem is these warriors don’t drink the shooters. Call it fate, chance, or what you will, but four women drink the divine concoction. Alexandra Carlton, Julia Wolfe, Emily Keller and Dinah Medrano must all take up the mantles of champions … whether they want to or not.

“This Prix Aurora Award winning anthology is refreshing in it’s execution and each author brings subtle twists to their characters and their individual vision of the horsemen which makes them all the more realistic. Billie Milholland’s depiction of Famine is new and all too plausible”.  Zen Soul Fire

“For a book that functions under the theological assumption that there is such a thing as divinity, there is a refreshing lack of black and white dogma here. Omnipotence as a divine attribute is brought into question as the premise of the collection is that mistakes get made. An archangel is assigned to each new female champion. The manifestation of Famine is so topical that I can just imagine the glee with which Milholland set about constructing this story.” Sue Karp in Vue Weekly


Archeology Professor Albert Mallory understands reality. He knows the way the world works. When he steals an ancient puzzle box to pay off gambling debts, he thinks the only mysterious thing about the artifact is how to get it open. But when a stranger appears at Albert’s door demanding to see the box, Albert is plunged into mysteries he’s never encountered before.

Through stories told by four others who succeeded in opening the puzzle box — a musician named Warlock with a weakness for witches; photographer Autumn Bailey, with a strange link to the past; video store clerk Angela Matterly with those unworldly eyes; and a comic book illustrator called Sam, on a quest for his life — Albert learns that reality is transient and the way the world works is not found in text books.


Hope and Glory are twin cities that share a bloody history in the heart of
North America. After generations of conflict, the mysterious 10th Circle Project promised a new era of cooperation and peace; if it didn’t plunge both cities into the abyss of total war first.

The four Christmas stories in this book are about regular people you’d find wandering the streets of these two cities.  Since this book is now out of print, I’ve posted my full Christmas story here.

A word of warning. If you’re hoping for happiness and light, with
good cheer and choirs singing carols, you’ve come to the wrong place.

Pour yourself an eggnog, and if you’re brave, give my story a try.